Reorienting Your Inner Compass:

Finding Spiritual Direction for Your Life

And Relieving Human Suffering 

In A Changing World

With Sacred Geometric Protocols for Accelerating Physical Healing,
Clearing Psycho-spiritual Blocks, Clarifying Your Life's Work,
Healing Relationships, and Stabilizing Awakening

An Eight Week  Virtual Course With Trevor Hart 

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Our planet is in chaos and every time you hear another story about human suffering-whether it takes place across the seas or in your own neighborhood- you want to help.

Deep in your soul you hear a spiritual plea going forth from the Heart of Humanity, and from the Soul of the Earth- for you to step forward and do what you  came to Earth to do.

But your not sure what to do.  You don't know how to answer the call. 

You feel caught between the part of yourself that longs to serve, and the part of you that wonders if you can really do anything that would make a difference. You have had spiritual experiences, and you sense you have learned something along the way that could help other people, but you doubt yourself. You wonder how you are suppose to help others when your life is filled with it's own challenges.


How are you going to find that  inner spiritual guidance system that can show you how to bring forth your talents, your purpose, your gifts and you life’s work?

How are you going to discover the set of instructions written in your Soul for how to complete you mission of love? 

What needs to heal in your own life, so that you can be a brilliant beacon of love and guide others to heal?

What if you can reorient your inner compass so that everything in your life- from your health, to your work life, to your relationships- could come into alignment with deep spiritual wisdom?

What if you could learn how to turn chaos into wisdom, not only for yourself, but for those you love, and those you serve?



Are you ready to do whatever it takes to allow that transformation to take place within you?

Introducing . . .

Reorienting Your Inner Compass:

Finding Spiritual Direction for Your Life

And Relieving Human Suffering 

In A Changing World



An Eight Week  Virtual Course with Trevor Hart


Trevor Hart created Reorienting Your Inner Compass as a virtual Mystery School to offer spiritual mentoring and support those of you who know it’s time for you to bring your gifts to a world that needs you to step into your calling, your dreams, and your service at this long-awaited moment in time. Reorienting Your Inner Compass is designed to be a sanctuary for those who have looked everywhere and still feel lost, a Love Boat in stormy seas, a healing for those who have tried everything and still feel unfulfilled, and a mystery school for mystics who need real guidance in order to purify and cleanse what gets in the way so you can access the Divine, intuitive, trustworthy guidance that already lives inside of you right now.

In this 10-month program you will be immersed in wisdom teachings, group energy healings, spiritual mentoring, guidance on finding and fulfilling your calling, shadow work, purification rituals, deep soul embodiment, practical tools for finding the next step in your journey, meditation practices, Esoteric Mystery School transmissions, sacred geometry protocols meant to bring your soul fully into your body, practices for dealing with illness and emotional, physical, and psychic pain without spiritual bypassing, and tools to reclaim your deep, personal relationship with the Divine Beloved in whatever form you worship.

You will be part of a community of mystics devoted to transforming the world. Let us all collectively open each other's hearts, know one another at a profound soul level, strip away the masks so our authentic, true selves may be seen, accepted, and supported, and devote ourselves to each of our individual transformational journeys of awareness, truth, wisdom, and heart-opening love.

This may be the simplest, deepest, most effective yet efficient transformational process you’ll ever have the opportunity to experience. Time and efficiency are of the essence right now. The world needs you and your gifts NOW, and it needs you free from all the shadows, subconscious programs, integrity breaches, and potential abuses of power that limited the reach of prior light workers.


What Does It Mean To “Reorient Your Inner Compass?”


Things are getting real on our planet right now. From one perspective, it looks as if we’re entering a new Dark Age, as if things are hopeless and we are helpless to stop the devastation caused by climate change, corporate corruption, hatred, violence, and the story of separation that positions us as separate from one another, separate from nature, separate from God.

But when you change your lens, you can see that an uprising of consciousness is lifting the vibration of the planet faster than the darkness can suppress it. Like a tsunami of love, light is sweeping over the globe, and those who have been silently and passively witnessing the shadow of our culture are feeling an unmistakable Call to Action that erupts like a bursting of the heart. If you’re one of the Spiritual Warriors called here to transform yourself and the planet, you’ll feel the opening in your heart, the fire in your belly, the “HELL NO” to injustice, devastation, divisiveness and polarization, and the “HELL YES” to peace, unity, compassion, Oneness with nature and all Beings, and a reclamation of the feminine principle as it comes into balance with the sacred masculine.

You just know there’s something you’re here to do, but you may feel anxious, depressed, confused, or lonely because intuitively, you just know there’s something you’re here to do, but you’re not sure what it is or how to get started. You may feel like you’re violating your integrity, selling your soul for a paycheck while you slog through a job that you know isn’t uplifting the consciousness of the planet. Or maybe you’ve left The Matrix, and now you’re suffering because you can’t pay the bills, and you doubt whether your true calling could ever earn enough to keep you financially comfortable. You may have read a thousand self-help books, attended numerous spiritual retreats, sat with many gurus, prayed and meditated your heart out, and you STILL don’t know.

This discomfort, this disorientation, is actually a signpost of your own emergence. So if you paradoxically feel both horrified and perversely jubilant as you watch the foundations of modern culture dismantle, you are already feeling your Inner Compass reorienting you in a new direction.


Your Calling is Coming for YOU!

Your calling is like a lover who seduces you. It comes gently for you and whispers sweet guidance softly in your ear, even when you may be sleeping. If you listen to the early whispers, you may get the next instruction in your unique mission, but if you’re not listening deeply, or if you’re not following the guidance your heart just knows, the Universe may pull out the Cosmic 2x4 to smack you upside the head and wake you up. Then, after your calling has caught your attention, sometimes in not so gentle ways, your calling will gently and lovingly ask once again, “Sweetheart, do you know why you’re here? Are you ready to serve love as only you can?” If you keep listening and you ask her “What’s my next step?” she will tell you. But you may only get one next step at a time. Callings don’t tend to come with business plans. As Martin Luther King, Jr once said, “Faith is taking the first step when you can’t see the whole staircase.”


Are You Ready for a Journey of Deep Discovery?

Your calling will never give up on you—ever. But if you don’t have the support and tools to accelerate the journey, the process of bringing the sacred into your work can be a slow and frustrating process. We are here to guide you and bring you into community with your fellow mystics and visionaries who are journeying with you.

The Reorienting Your Inner Compass course is intended to midwife you through this rebirth of self and culture in a space of unconditional love, support, wisdom, mystery, magic, and transformation. Master spiritual teacher and healer Trevor Hart will bring all of his Transmissions and Sacred Geometry protocols to allow the Divine to fill you and use you in service in the world. These teachings will call upon wisdom from all of the mystical branches of all religions—the Christian mystics, the Kabbalah teachings, the yogi wisdom, Sufism, and “spiritual but not religious” modern day teachings. In this melting pot of heart wisdom, all perspectives that help you journey into the heart, embody your soul, and connect you with God in all of His/Her forms are equally welcomed.

This is not a course in abstract ideas. You will be undergoing a complete transformation as you receive healing transmissions given to Trevor by the “Organizing Intelligence,” which you might call God. These transmissions will not only help you reorient your inner compass; they will support you in fulfilling your life’s purpose, optimizing your health, deepening your relationships, and serving out your soul’s mission.

Using a sophisticated healing technology, Trevor will offer remote sacred geometry-based protocols via teleclass intended to build “light body bridges” between your soul and various parts of your body which may have become disconnected from your soul as the normal result of incarnating in a human body in the midst of a traumatizing culture. While this may seem hard for the mind to grasp, especially to scientists and rationalists, Trevor has spent decades practicing his art and service as a world-class healer, using these protocols to treat life-threatening illnesses, dark nights of the soul, and those who feel out of touch with their callings.

The intention of this program is to immerse your in a simple but profound process of “deep soul embodiment.” When your soul fully enters your body and takes over the driver’s seat of your life, and when your ego, while not rejected or demonized, is welcomed and integrated so that your soul becomes your compass, miracles become your new normal. Overflowing with love, energy, health, radiance, and abundance, you become capable of serving your life’s mission in ways you never could have imagined possible. The result is a feeling of deep, inexplicable fulfillment because you know you are being used to serve God’s holy ideas in the world.

You are made of Love!
Let your Inner Compass guide you so your radiant Light can glow and flow!


This Course Is for You If:

You feel called to participate in a spiritual mission in service to a planet in need, but you’re not sure where to start

You sense that there’s a path of flow and ease that attracts synchronicity and magic, and you’d love to spend less energy fighting the river and more time riding the current

You crave soul community and the nourishment of belonging

You devote yourself wholeheartedly to both your work and your spiritual life, but they feel in conflict with each other in your life

You’ve had a spiritual awakening, and it’s been both beautiful and magical but also confusing and disruptive, and you need support

You’ve experienced trauma that has cut you off from your inner GPS, and you want help reconnecting

You’re ready to say YES to your calling, but you’re not sure what you’re here to do

You already feel aligned with your “Inner Pilot Light,” but you want to turn up the flame

As you read this, you feel a resonance in your body, a whole body “YES” that guides you to join us, even if your mind doesn’t understand why

You’ve struggled with what the shamans call “soul sickness,” a loss of meaning and purpose in the world, which often shows up as anxiety, depression, or chronic illness, and you need help with your healing journey

What’s Possible for You in This Course

Every spiritual path is unique, but after years of spiritual mentoring Trevor has learned to expect certain results from the kinds of teachings, transmissions, and practices that will be shared in this program. Some common results from Trevor’s spiritual mentoring, soul work and life purpose counseling include:

A feeling of deep, lasting, joyful fulfillment when you know (you just know) that you are being used as a humble vessel to facilitate God’s work in the world

The sense of wholeness that accompanies healing the Original Wound of incarnation, when the human becomes a drop and separates from ocean of the collective, becoming One with all things and feeling Oneness with the Divine

A sense of ease, flow, and grace, and an almost childlike feeling of innocence, playfulness, and fun!

A sense of stillness as the mind rests and the heart opens

Optimization of physical health, including the possibility (but not the guarantee) of remission from “incurable” illnesses, a welcome side effect that has been scientifically linked to finding your calling

Financial sustainability and possibly abundance. As we find and fulfill our calling, we learn how to create structures that sustain us financially, and even create the possibility of financial abundance.

A deepening of intimacy and open-heartedness in your personal and professional relationships, and a clear awareness of the boundaries that are necessary to protect the wide open heart

The opening of spiritual gifts (which we will help you navigate with integrity and purity, so you can minimize the risk of using these “siddhis” or “spiritual superpowers” without integrity)


Course Structure and Content

The course is organized into three “semesters” of seven sessions each. There will also be a parallel program called the Advanced Integration Program that will support students in clarifying and embodying the teachings.

Semester 1: Your Source Blueprint: Clearing Blocks to Finding Your Calling

The healings, teachings and transmissions of Semester 1 revolve around the following inquiries:

How am I getting in my own way, and how can I heal whatever is sabotaging my Divine mission?

What is the individual blueprint of my soul, my “Source Blueprint?”

What did my unique soul come to Earth to learn and accomplish?

What is blocking access to the spiritual guidance that comes with proper orientation to my inner compass?

What practices will open me to receive instructions for my Divine mission more clearly?

How do I know if the guidance I'm receiving is real and trustworthy?

What discernment tools can keep me from abusing spiritual power or steering off course because I'm misinterpreting the guidance of my compass?

What’s going on if others are receiving guidance and I’m not?

What if I know already what I’m meant to do with my work, and I have been trying to actually make it happen, but I keep bumping into all sorts of obstacles? Did I read my Source Blueprint wrong? Or is my commitment just getting tested?

If I am guided by my inner compass, how do I find the courage to actually follow through on what I’m guided to do?

Semester 2: Building the Light Bridge Network: Connecting to the Global Source Blueprint

The healings, teachings and transmissions of Semester 2 revolve around the following inquiries:

What is a “Light Bridge Network” and how can building mine help me fulfill my calling?

How can I merge with the Global Web of Synchronicity so fulfilling my calling happens in a state of flow, rather than through exerting tiresome effort?

Is there a single “aligned” destiny that is pre-determined? Or is my individual contribution and free will changing the future all the time? If so, how can I help create a more enlightened outcome for our planet?

How can I map out a future, a career, a business or a sense of life purpose when the world is in chaos and waves of global change make it hard to predict outcomes?

If I am committed to being a vessel of Divine work and service, how will I know how my individual life’s work fits into the matrix of everyone else’s life’s work?

When everything seems like such a mess, does my contribution even matter?

Must we all have “big” callings? Or is it enough to be a really good stay home parent?

How does my calling fit in with everybody else’s calling?

How will I know if something I feel guided to do is aligned with the Global Source Blueprint?

Semester 3: Healing the Multigenerational Wound: Stabilizing Awakening and Birthing the World Our Hearts Yearn For

Is it possible that when we do our own psychological and spiritual healing work, we also heal generations that come before and after us?

How can my personal psycho-spiritual healing open an acupuncture point for global healing?

How might my participation in this global healing affect others in the Global Matrix?

How can clearing the multigenerational, multicultural and interracial wounds that I inherited from my ancestors stabilize spiritual awakening so I can live more and more of my life in peace, joy and inner fulfillment?

How can my awakening help others wake up?

Advanced Integration Program

In the Inner Compass course, you will experience many moments of insight and realization, each one like a light going on in a dark room. But as you probably know, insights tend not to “stick” unless we work with them consciously to change them from fleeting moments into something more enduring in our lives. So in order to help you fully integrate the rich material of the course, Trevor and his team have created a section of the course called the Advanced Integration Program (AIP), a support structure that will help students absorb and integrate the teachings and practices presented in the course. AIP has three components that work together to enrich and deepen your experience of the course.

All-Student Calls with Sharon Hart and Sean Esbjörn-Hargens: These monthly live sessions with all students will consist of open Q&A about topics that have come up in the course sessions with Trevor, or about issues and questions arising in students’ lives.

Mentoring Groups Lead by Trained Facilitators: There will be ten mentoring groups each led by a facilitator who has been trained by Trevor to provide guidance in learning and applying his methods. These groups are a great way to delve into the personal dimensions of applying the course in your life in the more intimate field of a small group while receiving wise and loving guidance from a mentor trained by Trevor.

Triads: Triads are groups of three students who meet on a biweekly basis throughout the course to support each other in applying course principles and practices to life. Triads are a wonderful way to be supported by others and to develop your capacity to support others in your healing and spiritual development.

The Advanced Integration Program is optional but highly recommended. You can participate in any or all of its three components depending on your needs, interests and schedule.

A more detailed outline of the 21 course modules and the Advanced Integration Program is here.

Course Registration


The Course Includes:

21, 90-minute live audio course sessions with Trevor in three “semesters” of seven sessions each

Audio recordings of each session within 24 hours

Private Facebook group for connecting with the fellow mystics and change agents in your mystery school

An Advanced Integration Program consisting of all-student Q&A calls, small mentoring groups, and triads


Awesome Support

Have questions about the course? Need help registering? Please contact us at and one of our team will get back to you right away.

About Trevor

Trevor Hart is a wise sage, spiritual teacher and spiritual healer, who has a rare and extraordinary gift for listening to the heart of the people who come to him. His presence brings a profound sense of peace allowing people feel free to explore the deepest regions of their soul for insight and wisdom concerning how to improve the quality of their lives or improve their health and their lives.

When this all began, Trevor entered a state of deep meditation and prayer and received guidance from The Organizing Intelligence (or whatever name for God you want to use) that by working with Light Body Engineering™ on the subtle and causal body of individuals who are looking for spiritual healing, he could relieve much human suffering. Then, the people who came for healing continued to work with Trevor after their health improved because they highly valued the spiritual mentoring they were also receiving.

As a pre-med student at the University of Northern Colorado, he became quite familiar with human anatomy and physiology. The Organizing Intelligence told Trevor that his knowledge of human biology in combination with his scientific study of quantum physics and his devotion to spiritual awakening would come together into a new field of human endeavor called "Light Body Engineering™."

Trevor continues to receiving guidance, almost daily, from The Organizing Intelligence concerning the implementation of new protocols for bringing harmony and balance to the subtle and causal bodies. He was also given the ability to see geometric patterns that can be “downloaded” into the subtle energetic matrix of human beings for the purpose of stimulating optimal functioning. As the work progressed, it became obvious that harmonizing and balancing the mental, psychological and spiritual levels allows these “downloads” to stabilize.

Time has revealed that Light Body Engineering™ has been and continues to be of great benefit to many people suffering, especially those who have nowhere else to turn. By working on their psycho-spiritual wounds, many people have reported that Light Body Engineering™ has made their lives ‘whole’ again, and in many cases brought about a spontaneous increase in health that can only be explained as miraculous.

What People Are Saying About Trevor

"For those of us who find ourselves (either by choice or by circumstance) on a journey of exploration and self-discovery towards multidimensional realms, Trevor Hart is a gifted guide, facilitator, and mentor. I have worked with Trevor regularly for the past four years. Trevor's assistance and unique gifted guidance has accelerated my exploration in ways that cannot be put into words. He has an amazing ability to 'meet you where you are' in this exploration of either a novice or seasoned traveler. I remain grateful to have Trevor walking by my side on this journey."
Pierce D. Nunley, MD

"My work with Trevor has been phenomenal in terms of how much I've changed. I am in deep gratitude to spaces he has opened up. From a practical standpoint, I have much more personal power, a stronger relationship to money (resulting in a huge income jump) and a much deeper ability to leverage high impact with a mainstream audience. I feel that he is a savant with a real gifted genius in combination with a lifetime of very intensive personal work combined with genuine lineage transmissions from the past as well as from what I can only describe as the future as well."
Barrett C. Brown, PhD, Organizational Consultant and Author of "The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism"