About Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart

The unique gift that I bring to the world, chose me, not the other way around. But then I think that's how you know you're on your "Path of Power". Something a lot bigger than you recruits you. You might be able to resist it for a while (I did) but in the end you realize you can survive doing something else, but you can not thrive.

So what is this unique thing I do that seems to get talked about so much ( I work with people all over the U.S. and 14 other countries and counting) with no promotion? That's right!  In the eleven years I have been doing this work I have never posted anything on the internet until now.

Well, I have conversations with something I generically refer to as the Organizing Intelligence. In these conversations, I am guided in using interactive terminals of the One, All Pervasive, underlying ground of Pure Being that ultimately is the only thing that truly exists.

I simply ask people to tell me why they sought me out and then I start putting inquiries into whatever interface terminal of the Organizing Intelligence that comes forward. After I share with people what I heard, I ask them to listen with their Heart Intelligence (rather than with their minds) and know that the only value in what the Organizing Intelligence says is what resonates with their heart. Then an amazing thing happens! As they start to understand the process and they start asking questions of the Organizing Intelligence (through me) we begin having a three way conversation! Thus, I know that they've taken a big step in realizing that they can receive guidance from Source themselves.

I work with what I like to call Energetic Matrix Field Alignment to find the answer to questions that very often have eluded all other attempts. Energetic Matrix Field Alignment started eleven years ago in October of 2004 and continues to grow and evolve with ever more effective interventions that bring profound changes to the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

It has now become  abundantly clear that Energetic Matrix Field Alignment  has the power to correct  imbalances, and replace disharmony with ease. A beautifully complex system of networks has been mapped out conveying information through subatomic geometric forms that can be used to correct misalignments in the subtle plane of human beings. Using this technique, your subtle plane Energetic Matrix Field  can  become a super functional subtle plane matrix allowing for super functional living.

For the past five years, my calendar has been booked four months in advance. Again and again people have been asking me if there is a way I can do my work with groups, so that more people can get access to what I do. Several years ago, I  began work on just such an endeavor.

In January 2015 the Organizing Intelligence began to lay out a whole new aspect of the Energetic Matrix Field Alignment work. This work has now been organized into a year long  group program called “Source Blueprint.” The Organizing Intelligence clearly wants this delivered in a group format because the  group dynamic can be a very powerful catalyzing agent that can enhance everyone’s results.  I would love for you to join us for this incredible one of a kind group experience that is quite different from the work I do in my individual sessions.

So, here's the straight up, open truth of who I am and how I got here. I honestly don't know why this Organizing Intelligence thing chose me. I'm the same as all of you. One day a voice inside me (that clearly wasn't the usual chatter) said, "I need a test pilot for what's going to be a really wild ride. Are you up for it?" I'm guessing the Organizing Intelligence knows I used to ski down mountain slopes in Colorado at speeds in excess of 60 miles an hour, so it knew I love adventure and I'm not afraid to consider any possibility, no matter how "unconventional".

In fact, I suppose I'm bucking the unconventional bio by writing this "Message from Trevor" instead. But I hope you just might feel "a resonance" that invites you on this journey.

With much love,

Trevor Hart, Ordained Minister