Reorient Your Inner Compass Course Module Details


Semester 1: Finding Your Source Blueprint: Clearing Blocks to Spiritualizing Your Work Life

Module 1: Soulful Celebrations: Passionately Embracing Life
“Soulful Celebrations” encourages you to celebrate everything in your life that has brought you to this moment where you are ready to discover and manifest your Source Blueprint. If you look carefully, you will find that there have been pivotal incidents, relationships, and decisions that have happened in your life that eventually lead you to be ready to take the Reorienting Your Inner Compass program. This module takes you on a treasure hunt scattered throughout the various phases of your life, in search of the unique skills, talents, and perspectives that are components of your Source Blueprint.

Module 2: Acceptance: The Unexpected Power of Vulnerability
As you uncovered pivotal moments to celebrate in Module 1, you likely also brushed up against feelings of discomfort, and perhaps even regret. Maybe you feel grief about opportunities lost. Or perhaps you are afraid that you missed your chance. Since we are taught that to be vulnerable and to admit our feelings, even to ourselves is the mark of immaturity, we tend to push away these feelings and deny them, especially if they are related to our work lives. In this module, we create a sacred space where we can come together and explore those hidden vulnerable places in ourselves and come to terms with what seems unacceptable in our work lives. When feelings are faced with spiritual awareness, and vulnerability is approached with compassion, then you develop an unexpected power to learn lessons about how to be more successful in your life.

Module 3: Source Blueprint: The Great Work Growing within You
No one else has the same face, or fingerprint as you, and there is no one else that has your story or your perspective in combination with your skills and your talents. Your Source Blueprint is an outgrowth of your lifestream, and it's alive and evolving with each action and each decision of your life. In this module, we will begin the process of envisioning how the various aspects of your Source Blueprint might fit together to reveal the direction of your life’s work.

Module 4: Honoring Divine Control
In our existing business systems, an indispensable skill required at the upper levels of management is the ability for the ego to control outcomes. However, there are many times when the strategy of forcing outcomes simply doesn’t work. When this happens deadlines pass unmet, stress builds, and conflict escalates between co-workers. Despite how much we want to believe that our minds have the power to control every aspect of our lives, it's simply not true.

There is another choice. You can move into a meditative state and quite the mind’s desire to over control. It’s freeing to realize that the Divine is in control, and you don’t have to control everything. When you accept that your ego is not always in charge, then you are free to put your heart ahead of your agenda. In this module, we will work on releasing our tendency to over-control work situations. We will learn how to flow more with our intuition so our Source Blueprint can unfold in a more natural way.

Module 5: Alignment with Purpose: Clearing Psycho-Spiritual Blocks
In this module, we explore how you get pulled off track in your attempts to spiritualize your business. Maybe you have a tendency to get pulled off track because you put other people’s expectations ahead of your own dreams. Maybe you can’t quite see your Source Blueprint because self-esteem issues block you from seeing just how talented you really are. Maybe perfectionism keeps you judging your work as unworthy when it’s really good enough. Although boundary setting is an extremely important skill to develop in having the fortitude to stay on track, we have found that by itself boundaries aren’t enough. The two key components to staying on track are a strong connection to Source, and a willingness to explore the psycho-spiritual issues that get triggered in situations where you give up your focus. In this module, you begin to forge an inner compass that keeps you aligned with your Source Blueprint, even when the winds of change blow strong.

Module 6: Shifting Sands: The Value of Salt Water
When we make major changes in our lives, there are things we have to give up, in order to make room for the new things we want. The process of letting go brings up sadness and grief. In our culture, we are taught to put on a happy face and deny that we are sad. But denial doesn’t really work. When you bring spiritual awareness and compassion to the sensations that surround sadness, then you begin to cultivate an enormous emotional strength that you didn’t know was there. When grieving is completed with grace and dignity, then tension melts away, perspectives shift, and there is a new openness for possibilities to unfold. In this module, we discuss those things you might have to let go of in order to make room to live your Source Blueprint.

Module 7: Divine Creativity: Ego in Service
When artists, musicians, and writers are deep in the creative process, they often report that they feel like something greater than themselves is moving the creative process and that their egos are not the source of what is happening. Athletes talk about a similar phenomenon; they talk about being in the zone or the sweet spot, where it feels like their body is performing its sport almost by itself. When people have this kind of experience, where the ego refrains from controlling the activity and instead surrenders to something greater, we call it “ego in service.” This co-creative process leaves room for Divine inspiration, and a byproduct is often a sense of euphoria. Divine creativity of this type makes people love their work.

Generally, in the business world, the ego is dominant, and we are told that there is no place for compassion or spiritual wisdom in business dealings. But if you are truly in alignment with your Source Blueprint, and when you are passionate and love what you're doing, then your ego naturally shifts into a position “ego in service.” When you surrender your ego in this way, then your business can operate from a position of more integrity, cooperation, and compassion.

Semester 2: Building the Light Bridge Network: Connecting to the Global Source Blueprint

Module 1: Envisioning the World Your Soul Wants to Live In
Imagine a future where human reaches its full potential, not just intellectually and technically, but also in terms of emotional maturity and spiritual awakening. In an evolved future, do you envision the top priority of humanity being to work cooperatively together to end unnecessary suffering around the globe? Is it possible for humanity to be guided by love instead of fear? Could we shift our priorities and our economic system to ensure that we thrive, not only individually, but collectively as well? Just as there is a Source Blueprint for each individual human being to reach their full potential, there is also a Global Source Blueprint for Humanity to reach its full potential. In this module, you will have a chance to explore a better future for humanity.

Module 2: Connecting to the Global Source Blueprint
Just as an individual can choose whether or not that are going to participate in co-creating their Source Blueprint, humanity as a whole also has that same free will. Humanity can continue to manifest a future based on fear, and greed or we can begin to follow a more harmonious and cooperative vision for our future based on the Global Source Blueprint. But that choice for humanity to actively participate in co-creating the Global Source Blueprint begins with each and every one of us on planet Earth. It begins when we realize that whatever form our individual Source Blueprint takes, it is a gift for humanity that can transform our planet in some important way. It begins with our choices in this moment. In this module, we will explore how your individual Source Blueprint intersects with the Global Source Blueprint and offers a great gift for humanity.

Module 3: The Eye of the Hurricane
When facing waves of uncertainty and change, how can you stay centered in spiritual wisdom? How can you keep from falling into the hole of despair and hopelessness, when other people are pulling you down? When you are surrounded on all sides by a hurricane of change, how can you find the quiet eye of the storm and live in peace? Surprisingly it’s passion and enthusiasm for life that will hold your course steady. When your soul has purpose and direction, chaos loses its power. By aligning your Source Blueprint with the Global Source Blueprint, you will be able to trust that your life’s work is securely tethered to a flow of evolutionary global transformation. This connection will propel your life’s work forward and empower you to persevere—no matter how strong the winds of change might blow.

Module 4: Human Diamonds: Divine Grace in Everyday Life
Do you know what happens to ordinary carbon under the Earth’s surface, when it is put under extreme pressure and outrageously high temperatures? The carbon goes through a chemical transformation process that allows diamonds to form. When human beings face challenges that put them under extreme psychological pressure, there is the possibility for the challenge to be a catalyst for making a spiritual quantum leap. It opens the doorway for an ordinary human being to become an extraordinary human being that sparkle with spiritual wisdom. When we trust that even the most difficult situation somehow bless our lives, then we understand how Divine Grace works. This understanding of how Divine Grace works in everyday life—whether at home or work—gives us another way to stay on track when big changes happen in our lives.

Module 5: Honoring Our Humanity While Reaching for Spiritual Wisdom
When we are reaching for spiritual wisdom, there is a tendency to want to eradicate our human side. It’s a common tendency to want to push the elements that make us fallible out of the way, and cling to what we are coming to realize is greater wisdom. But there is a danger in that; it’s call spiritual bypass. When we are caught in spiritual bypass, we use our minds to push our feelings out of awareness. In a sense, it's like pretending we are more enlightened than we are and it can result in arrogance. The cure for spiritual bypass is to honor our humanity and find the courage to face psycho-spiritual blocks, and emotional discomfort with awareness and compassion for ourselves. In so doing, we actually make sincere and honest gains in spiritual wisdom. In this module, we look at our tendency to get caught in spiritual bypass.

Module 6: Sacred Geometry: Growth Is a Dynamic Spiral
Growth as a dynamic spiral integrates the masculine and feminine energies such that change happens by combining the best of both the circular motion of the feminine and the masculine forward motion into a double helix (like the DNA model). Similarly, in meditation, we reach up to Spirit, and from above, Spirit reaches down to us using the vehicle of our Soul. This movement from human to Spirit and from Soul back to human also forms and empowers the double helix of sacred geometry. When our energy is flowing smoothly in this way, then we are in alignment with our Source Blueprint and the Global Source Blueprint.

Module 7: The Unified Spiritual Task Force: Birthing the World Our Hearts Yearn For
Envision what might happen on Earth if many people lived their lives with an awareness of their Source Blueprint, and it’s connection to the Global Source Blueprint. If we support each other to manifest our highest vision as a unified spiritual task force imagine the possibilities for humanity to do great things. Perhaps the irony is that all we have to do to create the world our hearts yearn for is to encourage each other’s genius and love what we do. The question of this module is what could happen if we work as a community to support each other to manifest our Source Blueprints? What could happen if we encourage others around the globe to join us?

Semester 3: Healing the Multigenerational Wound: Stabilizing Awakening and Birthing the World Our Hearts Yearn For

Module 1: Global Peace Begins with Inner Peace and Peace with Others
The mind thinks global peace begins when wars between nations end, but the heart knows better. The mind thinks in terms of social action and political negotiations, but the heart knows that global peace actually begins with each one of us. All of humanity is interconnected through a holographic interface that happens at the spiritual level—sort of like a spiritual internet that doesn’t need computers to operate. The beauty of this holographic interface is that when anyone of us makes a change in our lives that involves finding inner peace—either through spiritual practice, healing psycho-spiritual wounds, or resolving conflicts with other people—the potency of the peace affects everyone around the globe. Global peace between nations will happen as a natural outgrowth emerging from global spiritual awakening. In this module, you will have an opportunity to explore how your own efforts to create peace in your life are already contributing to the manifestation of global peace.

Module 2: Unwinding the Multigenerational, Multicultural, and Interracial Wounds
In this module, we invite you to look back through your family tree hunting for clues about the multigenerational, multicultural wounds that you inherited from your family of origin, (or your adopted family). At the more advanced levels of working with our individual psych-spiritual blocks, we begin to open up a portal where we can directly contribute to healing the global psycho-spiritual wound.

Module 3: Being an Acupuncture Point for Global Healing
Just like there are acupuncture points on the body that can stimulate profound healing for the body there are also spiritual acupuncture points on the Lightbody of humanity. In this module, you will begin to see how your work on yourself transforms and becomes an acupuncture point for global healing.

Module 4: Jaison’s Story as an Acupuncture Point for Global Healing
Trevor’s oldest son, Jaison, has a body that struggles with classical autism. In this module, Sharon Hart, Trevor’s wife will join us, and together they will share a tender, and poignant story of how Jaison’s presence in their lives opened an acupuncture point for global healing.

From time to time on the path to manifesting our Source Blueprint, we will come upon obstacles blocking our way. This inspirational story will give you momentum to keep going when it seems impossible. If Jaison, despite his autism, can give his gift to humanity, then surely we can find a way to keep moving forward when it momentarily seems hopeless.

Module 5: Stabilizing Awakening
For generations, wisdom teachers in many cultures have emphasized consistent spiritual practice and meditation as the primary tools of stabilizing awakening. But in current times, we realize that we have two new tools for stabilizing awakening that were not available 100 years ago. By working with psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds and by clearing our energetic matrix field we can accelerate the process of stabilizing awakening. It's a whole new frontier!

Module 6: Double Channel Vision
Double channel vision is a way to simultaneously see life from the human perspective and from the divine viewpoint. It's like tuning our brain to two T.V. channels. On one channel we see life the way we usually do, as a separate human being walking through life from birth to death. The other channel is the channel you tune watching life from the same lens you look through when you’re in deep meditation. It is possible to move your consciousness back and forth between these two channels and to even see both channels at the same time. This ability to see these two channels means you can focus one eye on the tasks of running a business and the other eye on the spiritual wisdom that is always available in every moment.

Module 7: Daring to Fly: The Value of Uncertainty
When we dare to become something greater than we have been before, we need the courage to leave our old ways behind. Like a trapeze artist letting go of the trapeze and flinging himself forward, we find that the only way to actually begin manifesting our Source Blueprint is to swing into the unknown. We become invigorated by the prospect of jumping towards what we long for, and yet, terrified to take such a leap. We don’t want to face the emptiness that arrives when our fingers slip off the first bar and have not touched the next bar.

But a great spiritual opportunity becomes available when we face fear directly with a quiet mind. We learn how to move through life’s challenges with courage and compassion. When we move towards emptiness, with that same courage and compassion, then we are on the threshold of yet another profound spiritual awakening. If we approach emptiness with curiosity, courage, and openness, we do not find what we expect. We expect that emptiness is empty and nothing will fill it. But what actually happens is that in the silence at the core of emptiness, we find what we long for most in life. We find that emptiness is full of warmth and peace, joy and truth, fulfillment and freedom. Then we can look at the beauty of silence in the valley of life's ordinary experiences and find wholeness and peace—no matter what comes our way.


 Going Deeper with the Advanced Integration program

In the Inner Compass course, you will experience many moments of insight and realization, each one like a light going on in a dark room. But as you probably know, insights tend not to “stick” unless we work with them consciously to change them from fleeting moments into something more enduring in our lives.

So in order to help you fully integrate the rich material of the course, Trevor and his team have created a section of the course called the Advanced Integration Program (AIP), a support structure that will help students absorb and integrate the teachings and practices presented in the course.

AIP has three components that work together to enrich and deepen your experience of the course.

All-Student Calls with Sharon Hart and Sean Esbjörn-Hargens

These monthly live video sessions with all students will consist of:

Open Q&A about topics that have come up in the course sessions with Trevor, or about issues and questions arising in students’ lives

Breakout groups of 3–5 participants to work with each other on a more personal level on discussion topics that arise during the session

Exercises and practices done as a group

Audio recordings available the next day for those who can’t make it live

You will be able to submit written questions before and during the calls. (See below for more information about Sharon and Sean.)

Small Groups Lead by Trained Facilitators

There will be ten small groups each led by a facilitator who has been trained by Trevor to provide guidance in learning and applying his methods. These groups are a great way to delve into the personal dimensions of applying the course in your life in the more intimate field of a small group while receiving wise and loving guidance from a facilitator trained by Trevor.

The groups will meet monthly in live video, and each session will consist of:

Open Q&A about topics that have come up in the course sessions with Trevor or about issues and questions arising in students’ lives

Breakout groups of 2–3 participants to work with each other on a more personal level on discussion topics that arise during the session or that are assigned by the facilitator


Triads are groups of three students who meet on a biweekly basis throughout the course to support each other in applying course principles and practices to life. Triads are a wonderful way to be supported by others and to develop your capacity to support others in your healing and spiritual development.

Trevor’s support team will host the triad meetings in live video, so you don’t have to arrange those yourselves—very convenient for you! There will be at least two set schedules, and you can choose the schedule you prefer.

For those who have not done triad work before, we will provide a couple of training sessions prior to the start of triads. We will also provide a triad guidebook, a roadmap for getting the most out of the triad process. And our support team will be there to support you have you have questions.

Questions and Answers about AIP

Q: Is AIP a required part of the course?
A: AIP is very much part of the course. While we strongly recommend participating in order to get the most from the course, participation is optional.

Q: Will Trevor be involved in AIP?
A: Trevor will occasionally be present in the monthly calls with Sharon and Sean.

Q: Is there an extra cost for AIP?
A: No, it’s included in the cost of the course.

Q: I see that all of the AIP sessions are in video. What if I don’t want to be seen?
A: All sessions will be run on the Zoom video conference platform. You have the option to turn your webcam off if you connect by computer, or connect by phone. You do not have to appear in video if you prefer not to.

Q: If I have other questions about AIP who can I ask?
A: Please send your questions to Trevor’s team at

Sharon Hart, M.A. is a spiritual mentor, author, former psychotherapist, and life coach.  She has supported many people through the process of clearing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds. She worked directly with Trevor, co-creatively contributing to the concepts and curriculum for this Inner Compass Class. She is also co-authoring Trevor’s upcoming book, The Next Wave of Human Evolution: Creating the Future Humanity Wants. As Trevor’s wife of over 30 years, she has lived these spiritual principles on a daily basis through many life challenges. She also is the author of the upcoming book, More Than You Hoped For: The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright.


Sean Esbjörn-Hargens is a businessman with a uniquely spiritual perspective who has worked extensively with Trevor for years. Although this is not a business class per se, when taking the class you might have some business concerns to address and Sean is the best person on our team to answer these types of questions.